Test Your Skills Week – August 2019

Open to students graduating by 2021 with previous trading experience, we are excited to offer a week-long seminar that improves your skill set and provides insight on life as a trader at Akuna. 

Are you bright, math-savvy, competitive, and want to put your trading knowledge to the test before heading back to school? Akuna Capital is excited to offer an unmatched trading experience in our Chicago headquarters. Open to undergraduate and graduate students with previous trading experience and interest in applying for full time trading jobs, we give you an inside look at life as a trader at Akuna.

During our Test Your Skills Week from August 19th – 23rd, you will be in the driver’s seat, trading and managing a derivates market making book. You will spend the week managing risk, moving values, and making trading decisions. Akuna’s dedicated traders will sit alongside you, teaching risk management, game theory, and optimal decision making.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight from our team and to meet other like-minded students and employees. We will offer lectures from Akuna’s leaders and fun events dedicated to showcasing our growing firm and the beauty of summer time in Chicago.

Travel, accommodations, and social events both inside and outside of our office will be arranged by Akuna Capital.

Interested? Apply here!