The Development Team

Our Developers are motivated by challenging technical problems in the trading industry and endless opportunities for innovation.

Working in the nano-second space of our custom low latency trading platform, we are finding creative ways to use the latest tech while building new tools and implementing advanced solutions that meet the needs of a competitive trading environment.

As a technology driven company our talented Developers advance beyond typical Software Engineers by working on a range of greenfield problems. We do not sell our software and our collaborative vetting and peer-review processes give us the ability to achieve daily software releases.



Developers are typically placed in a small team, where you’ll begin with simple projects to help you get comfortable and familiarize yourself with our systems.

As you build up experience and demonstrate your ability, we gradually increase the complexity of the projects and give you greater responsibility. You’ll have an experienced Developer overseeing your work and on hand for any questions you may have.

The Quant Team


Our team of Quants have sharp, creative minds ensuring we find the best solutions for a wide variety of problems in the complex and competitive world of financial markets.

Our Quant Developers, Quant Researchers and Quant Traders are working across every aspect of Akuna’s system. Quants connect with both the Trading and Development Teams to innovate on data analysis, modeling and strategies.

At Akuna our Quants work across 2 major areas; data analysis & infrastructure and quant trading & research.

From hypothesis to research and prototyping, Quants are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn from each other to expand Akuna’s reach into new forms of liquidity.


This team is responsible for finding insights that differentiate us from our competition – a difficult task that requires enthusiastic problem solving and a willingness to challenge our current way of thinking. They are our experts in combining Big Data and Machine Learning to identify new strategies while optimizing existing ones.


Comprised of mathematicians, statisticians and technologists, this team creates trading strategies scientifically by combining quantitative expertise with a sophisticated understanding of derivatives and financial markets.



As a Quant Developer or Researcher you will be paired with a mentor who will help introduce you to our libraries, applications, infrastructure and theoretical training of advanced derivatives pricing.

As a Quant Trader you will be introduced to basic and advanced option theory and programming training while becoming familiar with our existing strategies, infrastructure and research process.


Trading at Akuna means making hundreds of decisions a day.

Our Trading Team is responsible for the firm’s trading and risk management decisions on a day-to-day basis. Traders manage risk by reacting to new information in news, weather, interest rates, politics, the economy and much more.

Akuna Traders have a competitive drive and are motivated to succeed in the fast and challenging world of trading. They work across 2 major areas; options market making and quantitative trading.



Options Market Makers are competitive, ambitious and bright. This team leverages our proprietary technology while implementing a variety of trading strategies and ideas to make an impact on the bottom line of the firm. Our Traders work together in teams and require strong communication and rapid mental math skills.


The Trading Department has a specialized Quant Trading Team which works on the full spectrum of strategy development including hypothesis, analysis, back-testing, implementation and trading. Quant Traders are creative thinkers who improve our profitability by converting ideas into quantitative models and strategies using Python programming skills, advanced mathematics and statistical analysis.



New to the trading industry? No prior trading knowledge is required for Junior Options Market Makers or Junior Quant Traders. You’ll be immersed into the dynamic world of trading through an intensive group education program followed by rotations and mentorships.

The IT Infrastructure Team

The IT Infrastructure team achieves optimum technology performance by designing, owning and operating our systems for reliability and uptime across a highly distributed, ultra-low latency system.

Our proactive approach to Infrastructure is vital in balancing Akuna’s rapid innovation of new technology with the most stable trading environment possible inclusive of a global, highly redundant network that demands 24/7 uptime and automatic failovers.

Exploring Infrastructure as Code management for configurations and automation of new systems the IT Infrastructure Team are utilizing version control, testing, and rapid deployment—bringing the development lifecycle into IT.



As a member of the IT Infrastructure Team you’ll be introduced to a fast paced, state of the art electronic trading environment.

By working with Developers, Quants and Traders you’ll quickly gain a wide range of experience and have the opportunity to exhibit innovation and skill, all while being supported by experienced members of the IT Infrastructure team.



Our Chicago office functions as Akuna’s Headquarters, we first opened our doors in the summer of 2011 and haven’t stopped growing since. We have representation across all of Akuna’s major business functions including Development, Quant, Trading, IT and Business Operations.

Our Chicago team trades cryptocurrencies and significant market-share in listed derivatives across all major asset classes in the U.S. and directly competes with the largest market-making and arbitrage trading firms in the world.


Akuna Sydney opened in 2018 and is the headquarters of Akuna’s Asia Pacific (APAC) trading operations. Akuna Sydney works together with our global offices to provide competitive markets on a variety of 24-hour assets.

Akuna Sydney operates across all areas of Akuna in trading, development, and research. It’s an exciting time at our Sydney office as we continue our expansion into local markets and launch new trading strategies. Our Sydney team is provided with new opportunities to grow their skills across trading and desk buildout, cutting-edge research and data analysis, strategy creation and building ultra-low-latency trading systems tailored to local market conditions.


Akuna Boston opened in 2015. The team is comprised of a small group of Quant Developers and Researchers who are focused on building a world-class data and research platform. The team also collaborates with other quant and trading groups on projects that encompass data collection, statistical analysis and strategy optimization.

Hong Kong

Akuna Hong Kong opened in 2018 and is providing competitive market making services on listed derivatives on the HKEx.


Akuna Shanghai opened in 2014 as our first international office and focuses on research and development. Our Shanghai Quantitative Research team conducts cutting-edge research, creates trading strategies using statistical and machine learning algorithms, models, implements optimizations, and explores opportunities for new research. Our Shanghai Development team works with the latest hardware and software technologies to develop high performance, low latency solutions that are robust and scalable, ensuring our strategies are as fast as possible for Akuna’s global trading operations.