Institutional Trading

Institutional Trading

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Akuna Capital is a leading derivatives market maker that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide liquidity on global markets and direct to institutional counterparties. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply competitive pricing during all market conditions and have a deep understanding of the need for consistent liquidity especially during uncertain, volatile times.

Our Expertise

We are selective in the markets we trade, which allows us to hyper-focus our resources to provide tight and efficient liquidity around the clock. This ethos has helped Akuna Capital become a leading market maker in Commodities, Equity Index, Fixed Income, and Cryptocurrency options markets.

Why Trade with Us

Akuna Capital is a trusted trading partner to institutional counterparties looking to efficiently manage risk and execute trading strategies. Our institutional traders communicate directly with counterparties to provide custom liquidity, minimize transaction costs, and lessen market impact. Our global infrastructure spans all global trading hours giving our counterparties direct access to around-the-clock liquidity.

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Who does Akuna Capital trade with?

Akuna trades with institutional counterparties such as banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and commercials.

What products does Akuna Capital trade?

Akuna Capital currently offers CME, ICE and MGEX liquidity in the following options markets:

  • Agricultural – Corn, Soybeans, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Chi Wheat, KC Wheat, HRSW Wheat, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Feeder Cattle
  • Energy – WTI Crude, Brent Crude, Henry Hub Natural Gas
  • US Treasury – 2Yr Notes, 5Yr Notes, 10Yr Notes, 30Yr Bonds
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ether

What are the trading fees?

Akuna Capital does not charge fees or commissions while trading with its counterparties. We are not a brokerage firm, nor do we require our counterparties to enter into a give-up agreement

What are the trading hours?

Our trading desks in Chicago and Sydney provide liquidity during US, European, and APAC trading hours.

How do I become an Akuna Capital counterparty?

What Terms & Conditions govern Akuna’s Direct Counterparty Trading?

You can find our Terms & Conditions here. These Terms govern the relationship between our direct counterparty trading desks and all approved counterparties.

What is the relationship between counterparties and Akuna?

It is important to note that nothing in Akuna’s Terms & Conditions or counterparty onboarding is intended to establish any partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship and any completed transaction with a counterparty will not imply a client or fiduciary relationship.